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e-Go Carbon Fiber Electric Automobile Plant

China's major television network (CCTV), eight newspapers and China's Internet media outlets covered the Grand Opening Event of the e-Go's EV (electric vehicle) carbon-fiber robotic manufacturing facility in Yancheng, China on January 20, 2015.

The Chinese media stated (translation), "Aoxin carbon fiber new energy car (technology) created three China firsts: China's first 20,000 units (annually) Carbon-Fiber Electric-Car manufacturing plant; China's first electric car aluminum chassis robotic welding production line; China's First High-Temperature, High-Pressure, Vacuum-Assisted Carbon-Fiber molding production line.

The media also stated, "the carbon fiber new energy car (technology) has obtained more than 20 China's (State Intellectual Property Office) patents, among them there are 11 invention patents. There are also more than 20 patents in the application process."

2050 Motors representatives, who were in China, were featured at the event. President Hu stated, "Amazingly, the 200,000 sq ft (4.5 acre) automobile plant was constructed from groundbreaking in September of 2014 to the Grand Opening on January 20, 2015, which totals only 120 days!" The sequential construction to the Grand Opening of the manufacturing plant can be viewed here directly on YouTube:

Aoxin New Energy Automobile is also constructing an even larger carbon fiber aluminum chassis manufacturing plant to produce 100,000 cars per year for the e-Go's big brother called the Ibis EV. The Ibis is a luxury full size touring sedan designed by European engineers.

Mr. Hu further stated, "Carbon-fiber is several times stronger than steel and one third of the weight of steel. Therefore, experts predict carbon-fiber and high-strength aluminum alloys are the materials of choice for the future of the automobile industry.

2050 Motors' e-Go EV will have little competition in its price range due to these advanced materials, will produce vehicles that are very lightweight, extremely energy efficient, durable and safe, with the best all-around value proposition for car buyers worldwide."

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