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The discovery of graphene was made in England in 2004 by two scientists who received the Nobel Prize for this discovery and it was not until about 2009 that it has been considered for industrial production. So, this is a very new technology growing by leaps and bounds! For example, China, one of the largest graphene producers in the World, only produced 400 tons of graphene in 2014. Our proposed Montana facility will initially produce 50 tons per year expanding to 200 tons per year over the next 24 months.  

Graphene is an allotrope of carbon in a two dimensional matrix of hexagonally arranged carbons. Graphene will impact many industries in a similar way as LEDs, microchips, carbon fiber, lithium batteries did to revolutionize the World.  Graphene has many unusual characteristics not seen before by the scientific community. Among its extraordinary properties, graphene is much lighter than steel and it has two hundred times the strength of steel. It's the strongest material ever examined: stronger than carbon fiber, titanium or diamonds. Graphene has a record thermal conductivity 10 times higher than copper and is electrically efficient and almost transparent. It can be currently applied in the semiconductor, electronics, battery and composite materials industries. New uses for graphene are being proposed or invented every day. For example, water purification, super conductors, super computers, etc.  

If we combine technologies (graphene cathode-anode and other proprietary electrolytes) we can produce the best lithium battery for electric vehicles and power grids. An electric car would be driven for 400 miles without charge and the battery pack can last more than 6,000 cycles.  Locating this highly visible manufacturing facility would attract National and International attention and provide the cornerstone for an advanced Nanotechnology Industrial Park (NIP). Because of the timely presence of futuristic graphene, the park would attract attention of other high tech companies to Montana in a similar setting as California Silicon Valley.  

Under consideration currently is a tentative plan to build the graphene manufacturing facilities in North Las Vegas. However, we believe 2050 Motors would consider building this facility in an appropriate Montana location also

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